Saturday, 31 January 2015


Here are a few photographs of my recent trip to my parents house in Northern NSW.

I had a really nice time there and did a lot of roaming around in nature-y places.

We went for a drive up into the mountains and did some bushwalking and stopped at about five different and beautiful lookouts, saw a waterfall that fell into a cave and roamed through a beautiful old growth rainforest. It was very humid though and I would love to go back in winter some time!

On out drive home we found an abandoned stone house that would've been beautiful in it's day. It had a fireplace and stone floors and a really sweet upstairs room and I'm really curious as to what happened to it.

It's been quite cold in Melbourne, which has been a nice change from the Northern humidity, and I've started to really enjoy baking my own bread. It's so much nicer than the supermarket stuff and I find the process to be a really nice way to relax and de-stress!

I apologise for my lack of posts recently but (as I mentioned) I was away over Christmas and when I got home my internet wasn't working! (I am speaking to you now from the public library haha!) It might be a little while before I get my internet back because it will be quite expensive to fix, but I have scheduled a few more posts over the next couple of weeks so you shouldn't miss me too much haha!.

How about you? How has your summer been (or if you are from the Northern Hemisphere your winter) Let me know in the comments section I'd love to hear about it!

x Grace

Friday, 21 November 2014

Workspace Rearrangement

I did a big spring clean of my apartment yesterday and decided to rearrange my living room, which resulted in a rotation of my desk which left it facing the wall instead of the window. I much prefer it this way because I don't get as much glare but I can still look out the window if I want to (plus I get to sit next to my favourite plant!). It also means I can have a wall of nice pictures to look at while I work. 

I really enjoyed spending the afternoon going through magazines and old golden books to find pictures that inspire me and then arranging them in a nice way on the wall. I'm really happy with it and it makes me happy when I see it. I think a friendly workspace makes a huge difference and I can't wait to start working at mine (all I need now is a more comfortable chair haha).

x Grace 

P.S. Sorry for the lack of posts/art lately I'm taking a bit of a break after the busy couple of months I've had. I've been working on some sewing projects (you might have noticed the sewing machine on my desk) which I will share with you very soon.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Some University Things

It's coming up to the end of semester and I am so busy trying to finalise all of my assessments! Anyway, here are the three pieces I made for my drawing assessment:

Even Lovers Drown, Ink and Pencil,
Keep Warm, Pencil
Plant Life, Gouache and Fineliner

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

CD Cover

I designed the cover for the the compilation CD that the music department at NMIT publishes each year. 

They wanted something that used naive hand lettering and had an urban feel. The head of department said she wanted fox people because they are 'an urban pest, just like musicians' haha. 

Monday, 6 October 2014

Sketches & Constellations

I stayed at home today because I'm feeling a bit under the weather and I thought now would be a good time to update my etsy store. I've added my new zine (pictured here) as well as a compilation pack of all three of my zines which includes an A3 poster of my newest painting (which is the one at the top), and a reprint of Woodland Ladies, featuring a new pastel blue cover!

I also thought I'd show you a few of my favourite pages from my sketchbook. I've been trying to use it a lot more and I'm slowly getting back into the habit! I'd like to eventually start adding colour to my sketches as well seeing as the pages are made from watercolour paper!